Protein’s Border Tales at The Place 14/11/17

It’s rare to witness a work that tackles its concepts so bluntly and fearlessly. So often in dance we are challenged to look at the subtleties and nuances; but Protein’s Border Tales is a daring piece of theatre that tackles the issues surrounding multiculturalism head on, with humour and feeling.

Featuring a stripped back cast of seven for this short run at The Place, Luca Silvestrini provides each with a platform to tell their own personal story and address the stereotypes each of them encounters everyday. Border Tales was first performed back in 2013 but takes on a new relevance in Brexit-bound United Kingdom.

The opening imagery is a stark depiction of a fight against an invisible force. A jagged line of neon cuts the stage in two. Eryck Brahmania is torn between the two borders, his body contorting, as he attempts to channel his energy through jumps and leaps until he comes across his fellow storytellers and a comical series of greetings are exchanged.

The story is topped and tailed with a welcome party for the various “foreigners” hosted by Andy: a ‘salt of the earth’ Northerner struggling to make sense of his new neighbours’ cultures and desperately trying not to offend them, while simultaneously doing the opposite.

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