Dorrance Dance – ETM: Double Down at Sadler’s Wells 12/07/17

dorranceDorrance Dance is an New York based tap dance company who have made it their mission to “blast open” our notions of tap through experimentation with the capabilities of performers as both dancers and musicians. In the case of ETM: Double Down this is done with an earthy, rhythmical take on tap, utilising electronic triggerboards. This is a show where the dancers are also the musicians.

The show is so intensely technical one is entirely absorbed by these dancers fulfilling the role of musicians, while the remainder of the company dance to their uniquely coordinated rhythm, introducing hip-hop, street and contemporary moves to the stage simultaneously. Dorrance’s newest collaborator, b-girl Ephrat Asherie, brings her signature energetic style and finely nuanced footwork to the stage, mightily impressive for someone who claims to only dabble in tap.

The choreographic episodes of the first act are non-linear, and start as simple musical loops that are slowly built up and broken back down again by dancers atop platforms.

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