Project Polunin at Sadler’s Wells 14/03/17

'Project Polunin' Dance performed at Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, UK One will rarely see Sadler’s Wells brimming with more anticipation than at the premiere of a Sergei Polunin triple bill. Fans will always flock to see the Ukrainian star alongside his real-life partner, Royal Ballet Principal Natalia Osipova. However, Project Polunin feels sadly like the vanity project some feared it would be.

The evening opens with an indulgent pas de deux, Icarus, The Night Before the Flight.These classical dancers are often keen to express themselves in other forms, however they stick to what they do best in this first piece, with Sergei Slonimsky’s intense score providing a dramatic backdrop to the story.

Polunin is a conflicted lover choosing between taking his morning flight and his beloved Aeola (Osipova). Polunin leaves the audience in no doubt of his strength and power in what is mostly a showcase of his skill.

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