Arthur Pita’s Stepmother/Stepfather at The Place 02/03/17

arthur_pita_stepmother_stepfather_6w5a9449Arthur Pita returns to The Place with the dark but thrilling double bill Stepmother/Stepfather. Stepfather is a revisit of the work Pita first created in 2007 for CandoCo Dance. He was approached by HeadSpaceDance to support a full evening’s work and felt it would be the perfect time to resurrect this tale of selfishness, incest and murder.

The evening is preceded by Stepmother, a new piece acting as a “sister” work to the more established one. Stepmother is a gruesome romp through a number of much-loved tales. There’s plenty of sweeping black costumes, skull caps and stark black make-up that makes for a fantastically theatrical piece, but it could benefit from some smoother transitions between the different stories to keep the narrative clear.

Stepmother certainly starts out boldly enough, as the audience is met with Snow White (Corey Claire Annand, who plays The Ingénue and is brutally bullied in her many guises) laid out in a coffin surround by some eerie figures of death upon entering the theatre. The musical accompaniment of “One Day My Prince Will Come” is a nicely chilling touch.

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