Richard Alston Dance Company – An Italian in Madrid/Burning/Nomadic 10/05/16

Wimbledon marks the final stop in the latest tour of Richard Alston Dance Company. This diverse triple bill features three of the current pieces in rep, with some works featuring at some locations and not others, a nice idea to keep the choreography fresh and the dancer’s engaged.

Burning Low res 1Martin Lawrence’s Burning is the most powerful, explosive and emotive piece of the evening danced to a rousing Franz Liszt score that builds to a stunning denouement. Zeynep Kepekli’s atmospheric lighting assists with the slow-burning tensions of Liszt (also the focus of the piece) and his on/off lover, Marie, (Nancy Nerantzi) a woman driven to madness by the relentless gaggles of women who surround him so suffocatingly. It’s an enjoyable piece for all its wild action, passion and anger that tells the story of turbulence and distress with a pleasingly dramatic ending. It’s full of frenetic, nervous energy that keeps the audience on edge throughout.

A dynamic evening’s work for these company dancers and at aged 67, Alston shows no sign of stopping, and it’s just as well, as he still appears to have plenty to say.

4 stars

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