*EXCLUSIVE* Interview with Pasha Kovalev 20/02/16

A couple of weeks ago, Pasha kindly took the time to answer some of my questions about his upcoming tour, It’s All About You.

This is your 5th UK tour, how to do you keep the content fresh and exciting so that the audience keeps returning?

There are so many ideas I have on my mind and  would love to share through the dance and that’s why every year I bring a completely new, redesigned and rechoreographed show to the theaters around UK. The main focus is to recharge people who came to see the show with positive energy and let them in in to a beautiful world of dance.

Caroline_Flack_and_Pasha_KovalevHow do you keep up your energy levels and enthusiasm for such a long tour?

As with everything else in life you have to have a good balance. With any athlete, and dancers certainly are athletes, it all comes down to a proper rest, food and exercise schedule. You have to take a good care of yourself to keep your energy on the level. As far as enthusiasm goes seeing people enjoying the show is the best enthusiasm  boost for me.

What’s your favorite thing about touring?

Interaction with the audience. Nothing is better in my books then a thrill of a life performance.

You’ve danced with Anya for a long time. What’s the best thing about your partnership?

Anya and I have being dancing together for about 15 years. After all this time you learn a lot about each other. Know how the other person works and how to achieve the best result together. We are both very creative and sometimes our ideas are differ but we manage to find a perfect balance and come up with the best solution. It’s always fun to create together.

Pasha and Anya small_0What does the future hold for Strictly? What’s your favorite thing about being a pro / what would you change?

Strictly is getting better and better every year and the viewers always up for a surprises and keep finding something new for themselves in each series. Being a pro dancer on the show is a hard work cause you not only teaching a celebrity but also have to come up with the new ideas how to showcase your partner in the best possible way, create choreography that makes your celebrity look the most improved compared to previous weeks of the competition, be there for them to support and nourish  through difficult rehearsal process and immense pressure of the life competition but it is also a lot of fun and hugely rewarding feeling as a teacher, when you see your hard work is paying off and your celebrity becomes a well rounded dancer.

Do you stay in touch with the other professionals when you aren’t doing Strictly? Any celebrities you’ve kept in touch with since the series ended? (apart from the obvious)

All the pros having a busy”post Strictly” lives and sometimes it’s hard to keep in touch but we are trying at least to celebrate each others birthdays together as much as we can. As far as my previous celebrity partners I’m staying in touch with pretty much all of them, some more then the others of course.

You’ve had a hugely success professional dance career and won Strictly. What would you like to achieve with the rest of your career?

I always thing the sky is the limit and you never know what life will bring you next so you have to stay open for any possibilities and at the moment my goal is to focus on creating the best possible show that will entertain not only people who love dancing but a very wide range of audience.

You always come across as quite a private person. Is there any chance we’d ever see you on Celebrity Big Brother such as other pros have done? Or is there any other reality show you’d be tempted to do?

Big Brother is definitely not one of the shows on my horizon but never say never…. I like the shows that a bit more creative and productive and that bring something new, interesting and useful for their audience. I’d like to participate in s some educational programs or maybe even create one myself.


Huge thanks to Pasha for answering my questions and Anthony Reed at Olivia Bell. You can find all the details and dates of his tour here.


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