(A few thoughts on …) Ballet Black at The Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House 13/02/15

I don’t usually share unstructured thoughts on performances I have seen for pleasure but Ballet Black, who I saw for the first time on Friday, really blew me away.

The company was founded in 2001 by Cassa Pancho to with their purpose to provide opportunities to dancers of a black and Asian decent.

I feel so much new work I see these days isn’t beautiful and lacks artistry through a need to be original, but this small company featured eight stunning dancers who were lyrical, musical and technically accomplished all at once.

The performance was a mixed programme and contained three works:

To Fetch A Pail of Water?


Second Coming

The main feature and spectacle here was Second Coming in which the complete cast portrayed a story in their own sort of mini ballet with mythical costumes adorned with glitter and wings as we were invited into a fantasy world with an evil ruler who is assisted by an angelic accomplice. The piece, choreographed by Mark Bruce, features both traditional and modern music in another nice departure from the norm.

In the intimate setting of the Linbury their attack and passion is apparent as you can feel every breathe they take. It is such a joy.

If I were to pick out any particular superstars, I’d choose Cira Robinson (pictured below). Cira is an incredibly beautiful dancer, she is small in frame but commands the stage through her charisma and inherant musicality.


The images below (credit to Dave Morgan) can articulate their brilliance better than my words can. Enjoy!





I can firmly describe myself as a fan and can’t wait to see what they do next.

To view Dave Morgan’s full gallery of images, click here


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