EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Matt Flint

Really excited to unveil the first exclusive for my blog, an interview with So You Think You Can Dance‘s Matt Flint! Last week, Matt kindly took some time out to answer my questions about his new endevour, a tour dance exhibition called Can You Dance?


Can you tell us a bit about how Can You Dance came into existence? 

Well.. Can You Dance? was a brainchild of myself & friend Tom Shilcock. We both love to teach & after we came out of So You Think You Can Dance? in 2011 we thought it was the perfect way to bring everything we love about dance to the regions. To the young dancers who might not be able to experience this level of dance in their city!

 To what extent were you inspired by what you saw at MOVE IT! this year?/Previous years?

The most inspiring thing for me at MOVE IT! is seeing the young dancers looking on in awe. It is a weekend where everyone who comes together shares the same passion.

 What would you like the young people attending to get out of CYD?

My main aim is to open the eyes of young dancers to what’s out there. I think we can sometimes get comfortable in our little bubble, it’s refreshing and inspiring to experience these things. I love the reaction on social media after the convention. I guess my main aim is to help expand the dancers’ knowledge.

 How do you hope CYD will develop in years to come? 

It is heading in a very exciting direction. We have three conventions this year & will have five in 2015. I want to create a network of talent right across the country!

Have you noticed how the regions differ as you visit them?

What is fascinating for me is what the different regions have to offer. Each convention feels eclectic & different. Absolutely any genre is welcome and we constantly push for diversity.

What did you enjoy most about hosting MOVE IT! this year?

Being in the middle of it all. I get to watch acts close up, interview dance celebs – it’s pretty fun!

SYTYCD has opened so many doors for you, what are you most proud of? What’s your greatest achievement? 

Oh…a tough one! I am quite proud of how diverse the work is. One day I can be working on CYD?, the next doing choreo for a Saturday night TV show.

What does the future hold for you?

Hopefully a lot! I have so much more to achieve. The thing is, when one dream is completed another one is born!

Matt and Tom Shilcock at last year's Can You Dance?

Matt and Tom Shilcock at last year’s Can You Dance?

Massive thanks to Matt for answering my questions. You can find out more information about Can You Dance? here. The next convention is on June 8th in Nottingham.


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