Strictly Week 1, Part 2.

So, less than 24 hours after out last dose of sequins and mediocre Cha Cha we are back to do it alllll again. Thankfully, in the case of Tess, with a better dress, and Bruce’s jokes seems to have marginally improved but I have had a couple glasses to red to dull the reality of it all.

First up, we have Harry Judd and Aliona Vilani. Credit to Vilani for resisting the use of any props during this impressive opening routine. Harry’s placing was careful and precise and I’m sure as the weeks go on he’ll loosen up a bit and put in some exciting performances. I talk of his following dances to confidently because the McFly fan base, (shudders) average age of 16, will be voting until at least week 8 when the credit on their pay as you go iPhones runs out. Score: 28/40


Rory and Erin. I had a feeling they may pleasantly surprise. Erin doesn’t enjoy public humiliation … if only her professional partner could take the hint …. Rory’s musicality was excellent and I’d even go as far to say there was a little bit of natural aptitude there. His technique needs working on but there is a lot of “promise”, but I’ll reserve my judgement until the Latin. I’ll stick my neck out, these are my dark horses and judging from training they already have a lovely working relationship. Score: 27/40


It was the second dress in a row for Alex that had Daily Mail readers composing  a strongly worded complaints letter for another “raunchy” outfit, but sadly her outfits weren’t the only thing worth complaining about as her dancing was a bit stiff too. Mind you, not to worry, there are always James Jordan’s pecs to look at to cheer the whole thing up. But seriously, Alex needs to link her steps together and finish them off in the way that Chelsee was praised for. She shows a little promise but there’s a long way to go. Score: 22/30


Speaking of Chelsee, she followed with new pro Pasha. This was possibly my favourite performance over both nights. Chelsee is the only contestant who demonstrated NATURAL dance ability, the way she extended her arm into a beautiful line in the opening few steps was beautiful. If she can be this delightful to watch in the Ballroom, I’m dying to see her Latin, where she can be her natural sexy, vibrant self. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Pasha is very easy on the eye too. Result. Score: 27/40


Edwina Currie and Vin- … OH. Must we? Really? Okay. In a nutshell. Hideous red flamingo, dances the Cha Cha to a JIVE song. Said flamingo flaps around the stage embarrassingly, occasionally stopping to concerning manhandle her svelte professional partner who is half the size of her. Edwina, unhappy she hasn’t made everyone involved feel uncomfortable enough, decides to flash her undies at the end. Face safely in palm. Score: 17/40


Just when you thought things couldn’t get much worse Nancy Dell’Ollio parks herself of a chez lounge for the majority of the evening, only daring to move from it after some extensive cajoling from Anton which then leaves about 45 seconds of actual dancing. Except it’s not ACTUAL DANCING. It’s Nancy tripping over a feather boa and the whole thing going embarrassingly tits up. Anton. Listen. No props with this woman again. Ever. Score 12/40 … making Ann Widdesombe look a natural.


I’m not going to lie. I live and breathe for October every year and so far this opening show has been a disappoint from a dance perspective. No one has wowed me, apart from possibly Chelsee so I was relieved to see Jason Donovan come and stake his claim on the glitterball so confidently and …. praise the Lord … some technique. This said however the whole thing just didn’t excite me it was just generic Cha Cha. I’m happy Kristina finally has someone she can work with and actually create some interesting choreography with though. These two are definitely ones to watch – It would appear Kristina has  justified that crazy leg wrap moment in the launch show. Score: 32/40 (Better than Kara’s first week apparently ….)


Keeeeeeeep dancing!



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